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  • Gina Lucero RN

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Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Ask a Nurse Gina Lucero RN-Specializing in Cannabinoid Therapy

I get questions all the time about cannabis and what to use. Here are a few questions that will help others on their journey to total wellness of your mind, body and spirit.

What strains work best for asthma? Will cannabis help my asthma?-

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease. Cannabis has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabis can reduce bronchospasms, relax muscles in the chest and help reduce chest pains.

There are strains out there that will help with asthma. The Cannabis Nurses Association, promotes vaporization as the safest form of inhalation. A dry herb vaporizer can be purchased on line or at some of our fine dispensaries in town. There are a few strains that are recommended for asthma. Cannatonic, Charlottes Web, Harlequin Girl Scout Cookies, Afghan Kush. IF you can afford it, The Volcano is an amazing device that gives you smooth vapors to inhale. Of course, there are other ways to ingest cannabis if you are reluctant, edibles and tinctures. I don’t recommend smoking from a pipe, joint, when treating asthma, the cannabis gets to hot, and the smoke will induce an asthma attack. If you are dabbing our using a wax pen, make sure to let the rig cool down a little bit, before inhaling. Take smaller hits and don't hold it in too long. This could cause you to have more bronchospasms.

I have high anxiety what can I take that wont make my heart race?

For more severe cases of social anxiety, a high-CBD strain might be better suited for you. ACDC’s cannabinoid profile can vary, but it typically contains about 20 times more CBD than THC so its psychoactive effects are minimal. This makes it easy to stay relaxed, clear-headed, and focused in what would normally be an uncomfortable social situation. There are many high CBD options available to you. Check the local dispensaries to see what is available. Try to stick with hybrids and indicas at night. Indicas will mellow you out and calm your thoughts so you can have a peaceful night’s rest. IF you don’t or can’t use THC during the day, there are several options of CBD vapes available, sprays or tinctures, like Nutrix Remedies or Mountain Top Extracts. Also incorporating breathing exercises or a few minutes of mediation will also help to bring those anxiety levels back down. If you are sensitive to THC then stick with the lower thc high CBD hemp tinctures that you can find around town.

I have OCD and sometimes I can not sleep at night, what strains are good to help me settle down my mind?

A tranquilizing Indica like Northern Lights helps slow the mind and body down, bringing them into a relaxed state and you can sleep without worrying about your pantry being organized. Northern lights can be found at a few dispensaries, check out Everest Apothecary, The Verdes Foundation and Organtica for their Northern Lights strain, your worries will fade away…. There are several amazing indicas out there that will make you sleep nice and sound. If you don’t like to smoke, Organtica makes thc/copaiba capsules. You can get them custom made, if you want a 50/50, or an indica , just call them up and tell them what you want.

I find myself stressed out, a little depressed and can’t sleep. What can I take to help out during this stressful time in my life?

First off, you need to get a grip on your stress in your life. Stress takes a toll on the body in both physical and mental forms. Stress knocks down your immune system, raises your blood pressure and lack of sleep will make your cortisone levels sky rocket. But there is a wonderful strain that can help you mellow out.. its called Lavender… You can find this strain at Southwest Wellness, their bud selection is impressive. You can also find it at Ultra Health. The only negative to this strain is the crazy dry mouth you get, so make sure you have something close by to help with that. During the day, I would take a high CBD tincture to help balance out your endocannabinoid system. Micro dose during the day to keep your mind level..

What strains can I use that wont cause me to be paranoid?

THC interacts with the amygdala, the part of the brain that regulates feelings of stress and fear, and for some people this actually causes paranoia instead of helping prevent negative emotions. So if you are already having a bad week, and are worried, you might want to stay away from high THC strains. CBD counter reacts the effects of THC, there are a few good strains out there that can help limit the intensity of paranoia. Try Harelquin (great for daytime use), Cannatonic (small amounts, too much cannatonic could increase paranoia), Blue Dream (SWOP, Verdes, Ultra Health), strawberry cough ( R. Greenleaf), afghan kush(High Desert Relief) Seven Clover has a great selection of high CBD strains as well.

Do you have questions regarding cannabis and your health? Please submit your questions to askanursenm@gmail.com and we can use them for our next issue.

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