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Our Team of Qualified Health Care Providers

Dealing with health issues can be a difficult situation. You shouldn’t have to go it alone. The Ask a Nurse NM team of certified, highly skilled, and experienced care providers always has our patients’ best interests and well being at heart. Meet the faces that are running our Nurse-led Clinic, and schedule an appointment today.



Founding member Cannabis Nurse, Advocate, Educator

Prior to working with cannabis patients, Charlie was a pediatric nurse in a clinic setting. It was there she became frustrated with the current health system; such as  limitations in patient autonomy, and financial limitations set forth by healthcare insurance. She moved to into pediatric home healthcare with medically fragile children in 2017 in hopes she would find a more rewarding path. In late 2017 she began working with Gina Lucero RN, and began her path into cannabis nursing. Currently Charlie works with Gina at Boutique Botanicals doing nurse consulting and education. Her goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner. Charlie has received her “level 2” Cannacian Certificate thru Regina Nelson. She is also a trainer with Cannabis Staffing of NM. Her passion for this plant, is why she is also one of the founding members of Ask A Nurse NM.


Founder,Cannabis Nurse, Advocate, Educator

Gina's career covers long-term care with Dementia & Alzheimer patients and Joint replacement and chronic pain management. Gina began her journey in medical cannabis in 2014 when she discovered CBD and its wonderful healing properties and now specializes in cannabinoid therapy. Gina is the co founder of Boutique Botanicals and Bliss Massage Studios. Gina is on the Cannabis Training Team with Cannabis NM Staffing and teaches Research and Updates in Cannabis compliance for a Certificate of Completion in New Mexico. As a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, and founding member of Cannabis Nurses Network she donates her time educating her peers and consulting patients on the benefits of plant medicine. Gina is also an active board member of a medical dispensary and is on the drug alliance task force committee.

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Founding member Cannabis Nurse, Advocate, Educator

Shauni McClung is an Albuquerque native and Registered Nurse with 8 years’ experience in the clinical setting. With a background in Emergency medicine, Post-Operative Care, and Urgent Care settings she realized that her love of caring for others was strong but needed a change. Now as the sole consulting nurse at Seven Clover Dispensary, she has found a renewed outlook on medicine and patient care. As a cannabis nurse she has been able to work closely with and participate in the care and well being of many patients. Shauni has attended several cannabis conferences and spends a great amount of time reading studies and educating herself on this amazing plant and its benefits.  It is her belief that giving patients the education they deserve is imperative to them playing an active role in their health care. Having witnessed many positive changes in her patients, she is more inspired than ever to continue to care for and educate as many people as possible about the healing powers of medical cannabis.You can reach Shauni at Seven Clover Dispensary Wednesday and Thursday’s 1016 Juan Tabo Blvd NE. 



Our Team of Qualified Health Care Providers



Cannabis Nurse, Advocate, Educator

26 years nursing experience with emphasis in cardiovascular and critical care I have gone from bedside nursing to being a disabled patient. I was severely injured on the job in ICU and continue to have chronic pain, nerve damage, and emotional distress. In an instant, my life as I knew it changed forever. Taking handfuls of pills multiple times daily that never seemed to work I began studying medical Cannabis. I received my first card in 2016 I tried many different strains and methods of ingestion. Each time was very trying and I was not finding the right Cannabis for my many problems. As I continued my research I joined the CNN and ACNA and began to focus my attention on terpenes. With lots of love and support from the medical Cannabis Community, I can function daily better than the doctors and most of all myself, than ever expected. I believe in medical Cannabis and I want to help anyone in need find the right way to treat their needs naturally.  Being a nurse at heart I want to continue to support and help my patients live a better quality of life.


Cannabis Nurse, Advocate, Educator

With over 23 years experience in nursing, Stephanie Cornelius has chosen hospice, palliative care, oncology and geriatrics as her professional field of focus.  

As a breast cancer survivor, Stephanie has gained intimate first hand knowledge of working through chemotherapy radiation and other traditional treatments. 

After her original breast cancer diagnoses she developed a keen, immersive interest in eastern and alternative medicine.  She began studying medical cannabis, yoga practices as well as holistic and spiritual studies.  Instinctively she combined all the practices during her successful recovery and treatment.   

Stephanie not only became a patient of medical cannabis, she also became an advocate of the medicine. The benefits of cannabis helped with symptom control ranging from nausea and vomiting to pain relief, and a feeling of well being decreasing anxiety related to treatments.  

By combining traditional western medicine with Easter treatments along with a steady regimen of instructing and practicing yoga, Stephanie has been cancer free for 8 years. When she is not performing her duties as an in-home healthcare Nurse or raising, her teenage daughter you can find Stephanie teaching her Pink Prana yoga class, dedicated to women working through cancer.  

“I believe in this medicine, and I’ve seen it work especially well in the geriatric population. 

Many patients are under treated for their pain or they have a side effect of constipation, etc which in turn leads to decreased intake and sharp decline in health. 

I’ve seen this medicine decrease pain, increase appetite as well as mood improvement.” 

Mike Wallace


Medical Director

Prior to working in the medical cannabis industry I worked as a Pain and Spine Specialist with Santa Fe Pain and Spine.  I was able to see how well cannabis was working for my pain patients in reducing pain, and improving their function and quality of life. I received my BSN from New Mexico State in 1998 and my Masters degree in Nursing from the University of St Francis in 2008.  I am Board certified in Family Practice. I have served in the US Air Force enlisted 1977 to 1981. After 911,  I commissioned as an Officer in the US Army 2003 to 2009 and Served a combat tour in Iraq running emergency rooms at forward operating bases. I was chosen New Mexico Emergency Nurse of the Year by the New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence in 2007. I was appointed by Governor Richardson to the New Mexico Board of Nursing 2009 to 2013.  I was the Board of Nursing Chairman 2012 to 2013. I currently own 420 Connect NM along with my wife Emmy. I am looking forward to continuing to care for patients and staff in the medical cannabis program by providing greater access and education regarding their medical cannabis usage  and continued improvement of daily function and overall quality of life. Our company 420 Connect was chosen as the 2018 Essie Award for Best Medical Card Consultant and most recently was awarded 2019 Best In Burque from the Alibi Magazine and Best Medical Cannabis Practitioner. We love camping, fishing and riding our Harley. Let Ask a Nurse help you today!!

Mike Wallace MSN FNP-BC Medical Director

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